We provide highest quality services in respect of sharpening circular saws, sawmill blades and bandsaw blades using professional Drozdowski equipment.

Bandsaw blade and sawmill blade sharpening machine

  • The sharpener is designed for bandsaw blades (including stellite ones)
    and sawmill blades in a semi-automatic cycle.
  • The machine contains a cam that, through various dog position combinations, allows for modifying the tooth profile in a number of ways.
  • The sharpener includes a pump for teeth cooling during the process.

Bandsaw blade length sharpened: from 2000 to 5500 mm; maximum length of sawmill blades sharpened: 1800 mm.

Bandsaw blade width sharpened: from 15 to 80 mm.

Sawmill blade width sharpened: from 70 to 180 mm.

Rake angle range for sharpening: from 2o to 30o

Bandsaw blade setting machine

  • The setting machine is designed for easy and quick setting of bandsaw blade teeth.
  • Teeth setting is performed manually by pressing the lever; the opposite move will advance the blade to the subsequent teeth.
  • Depending on the type of blade, the setting method and set size are adapted; e.g., for bandsaw mill blades, we leave one tooth straight and two teeth curved. In this cycle, the setting machine simultaneously curves two teeth and lets one pass.

Sharpener for HM cemented carbide circular saw blades

This machine is designed for sharpening cemented carbide circular saw blades in an automatic cycle. Its fast & simple operation and the wide range of teeth types handled make it a very handy tool. Its electronic module can be programmed for the number of tooth sets after which the sharpening cycle is halted automatically.

An electric pump provides cooling to the tooth sharpening zone.

Range of diameters sharpened:

  • Diameters between 100 and 1000 mm
  • Types of teeth sharpened: GM, GS, GT, GW, GD, GA, GR/GM
  • Rake angle range for sharpening: from – 5 to + 35o
  • Clearance angle range for sharpening: from 14 to 25o